Red Wing Construction employees recently used single hook truss grippers to erect rafters on a new 60×100 commercial warehouse and office building

Our crew, after fighting chokers for years, was impressed with the ease of using the truss grippers. Being able to release the grippers from the ground is a definite plus and makes for a safer installation. The grippers, also, are quicker and save on valuable man hours.

I would recommend the use of truss grippers to anyone who is setting rafters and wants to make this work safer and more cost efficient.

Knute Hanisch, Project Manager, Red Wing Construction
“I am writing you to thank you for introducing Frana and Sons, Inc. to the Gripper. This product, by far, has exceeded our expectations for reliability, production and safety. Frana and Sons, Inc. framing crews have used this product under the most extreme conditions and it has not failed us. The Gripper has increased the productivity and safety of our crews in the setting of roof trusses.

This product hands down is the best new product to hit the construction industry. Keep up the good work.”

Kelly Mahon, Safety Director - Frana and Sons, Inc., Frana and Sons, Inc. - General Contractors

“Our Company has completed a 60-day field test of your Single Hook Truss Gripper. It was used to unload and position roof trusses for single family units, duplex and three (3) level Townhouses though out Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Illinois.

Installations were completed without a single incident or failure.
The Gripper was well received by construction set crews and stationary engineers.
Contractors were amazed how safely they were able to handle large truss assemblies under less than ideal climatic conditions.
There was a noticeable improvement in productivity and reduction in damage.
Safety conditions were greatly improved particularly on multi-level structures.

The Gripper is without a doubt one of the best kept secrets of our industry.”

Bill Vesper, Operations Manager - Wausau Homes Inc., Wausau Homes Incorporated